As a professional System Design House and Solution Provider, we will keep track of the latest and state-of-the-art technology in the industry so as to satisfy our customers' expectation.
We offer continuous training and education programs to our staff. Also, we invest in applied research projects to establish our own Intellectual Property, in order to offer good performance and cost effective solutions.

System Design

Embedded software

  • Software design of MCU / RISC / DSP

  • System software design

  • PC software design

  • Algorithm software porting

Hardware Design

  • Circuitry design

  • PCB layout

Apps Development

  • iOS

  • Android

Apps with Hardware/Smart Devices Connectivity

  • iOS

  • Android

Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

  • Smart WiFi modules

  • Smart BLE module

  • Gateway with WiFi/BLE/Zigbee/2.4GHz ISM Band

Connecting and Wireless Technology

  • USB host and device

  • IEEE 1394

  • WLAN / WiFi

  • Bluetooth

  • 433MHz/900MHz/2.4GHz ISM

Multi-media IP

  • MP3 codec

  • WMA codec

  • OGG decoder

  • AAC decoder

  • JPEG codec

  • MPEG4, MJPEG codec

  • G.726, G.729 codec

Intelligent Toy Technology

  • Proprietary RFID

  • Proprietary object / position recognition solution

  • Touch sensor

  • Ultrasonic link

  • Smart sensor

  • Character recognition

  • Robotic system

Baby Cry Detection Algorithm

Using cost-effective 16-bit microprocessor

Software OS

  • Android

  • Linux

  • WinCE

  • proprietary OS


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