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Chipset partners

There are several chipset suppliers which are our strategic partners. We work closely and share information such as product roadmaps, new technology and market trend. It is a win-win solution. Our partners know what the end customers' needs and can adjust their product planning to cater for the markets. Micom knows the first hand chipset information and get better application support, so we can have a more competitive solution for our customers. or semi-conductor vendors from USA, Japan, Taiwan and Europe.

Design and manufacturing partners

We also work with different partners to provide Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. Our partners include the companies on product designs, mechanical designs and manufacturing, so we can cover the complete design services starting from product concepts to production.

"From our experience, Micom is a company that has excellent technological knowledge, willing to work hard to meet committed schedule, willing to learn new technologies and has high business ethics." - (2008)

Mr. Jeff Rogers
Vice President of Sales, Sensory Inc.

"We are confident that Micom Tech is one of the best embedded software houses in Hong Kong and we look forward to working with Micom Tech in the future." - (2008)

Mr. Harry Lu
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Generalplus Technology Inc.

"We are pleased to say that Micom Tech is one of the best design and software house known to us in Hong Kong and China." - (2000)

Mr. Toshio Fukuda
Managing Director, Toshiba Electronic Asia Ltd.

"During the course of our association, we have found that Micom is a sincere and reliable company with excellent professional standard." - (1988)

Mr Toda
Group Deputy General Manager of IC group, Sharp Corporation

"Overall, Texas Instruments is positively impressed with Micom Tech's technical abilities, dedication and ethics." - (1988)

Mr. John Stich
General Manager, Texas Instruments Asia Limited

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